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Ever feel like an imposter? Or maybe even like you are no longer fired up about life, like you're living on a hamster wheel repeating the motions day in and day out? 


Shā Sparks is an energetic catalyst and fearless communicator who sparks leaders in transition, who are unclear, go from fear to fired up about their life and business. 


Through her renowned Spark Your ALPHA program, Shā’s audiences and clients experience more confidence, amplified emotional intelligence, and the spark that ignites their fearless action. Also, she provides an all inclusive host for hire, podcast in a box service called Spark Your VOICE, Podcasts to Publications.


As the CEO (Chief Excitement Officer) of Sparks of Fire International, she hosts The Power of Investing in People Podcast, is the author of How to Get Your Voice Back, is a Certified Fearless Living Coach and Trainer, and the Co-Founder of the FIRESTARTERS Book Project.


 “Auntie Shā-Shā” to all of her friends’ kids, she is also an expert dog sitter and a rookie kayaker. Most importantly, Shā wants to inspire others to move confidently through change so they can step into their FIRE power!


Her motto is when we share our own lessons learned of overcoming obstacles, we ignite a tiny spark of hope, love, connection, and community in other people. And when we ignite that spark, the whole world lights up.

Shā Sparks

Are you going through it? I mean going through something that has you feeling upset, unsettled and afraid of the uncertainty of what's next? 

Often times, we find ourselves in the midst of the hard time and we don't know how to ask for support. You came to my website for a reason. This is the support you didn't know that you needed. 

Whatever transition you're facing, fear has a way of showing up. I am the guide to ignite you to breakthrough fear so that you have more awareness, leadership, purpose, hope and alignment in your relationships, leadership and love. 

Then you will feel more empowered to take your next fearless step and embody your own emotional intelligence. And that's when the real magic of joy creates a spark to get you fired up about your life and business. 

You are invited to connect for a deep dive coaching session on how to breakthrough that fear so you can be the ALPHA you're designed to be in your relationships, leadership and love. 


The #FIRESTARTERS Book Project is a collection of creative thought leaders who are collaborating, planning, directing, organizing, and creating new ideas to navigate change.

We understand that a single match, if left alone, will fizzle out quickly. Therefore, when one match ignites another, we build a stronger fire.

We start with a tiny spark that ignites hope, creativity, curiosity, fearlessness, connection, kindness, collaboration, mindfulness, community, acceptance, purpose, contribution and love into the world.

That single spark creates a ripple effect, then gains momentum and spreads like wildfire.

We create a collective, positive, proactive shift in the world because we are the change we want to see.

Together, we are #FIRESTARTERS!


Empowerment is a catalyst, an evolution. Through the process, an individual becomes an agent of change. More simply put, it’s the “can do” factor, going from “I can’t” to “I can.”

Women’s Empowerment is a movement of self-respect, honor, and prevail for all women. It gives women the freedom to be who they were created to be without the inhibiting permission and approval of others.

Visionistas: A Collection of Inspirational Stories is a compilation of experiences from powerful women. Each author gives insight into her personal process of conquering her fears to achieve her dreams, executing her voice so that she is heard, and creating opportunities so that her work is meaningful. Their hope is that women never lose their spark, sense of adventure, or qualities that makes them unique. Each author desires for every woman to realize her strength by embracing her journey.


With close to twenty years of journaling, Shā realized that she had taken specific steps to change her mindset, quiet that negative inner voice and rebuild the vision that she had for her life.


She has taken those many years of experience and narrowed it down to these six simple steps. This journal helps you uncover your dream life, goals and sets you up for the future.

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The Shā Sparks Show - We talk with Business & Military Leaders about what it means to invest in Leadership, Relationships & Self Love and most importantly, People.

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Sparks of Fire International LLC will overflow onto the Sparks of Fire Foundation. The Sparks of Fire Foundation’s vision is to invest resources into nonprofits that support these 4 key areas of Fearless, Intentional, Resilient and Empowering people from the following and not limited to: Autism, Bullying, Domestic Violence Survivors & Veterans. 

The mission for the Sparks of Fire Foundation is to provide resources and support on how we can keep our voice and hope alive. Together, we will shift the conversation from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to post-traumatic growth (PTG). Together, we can transform traumas into treasures.

How to Talk with Difficult People
Sha Sparks

How to Talk with Difficult People

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